Full Conference Registration

Thanks to everyone who registered!

·The registration fee for students is 2000000 Rials (or 100 USD) and 3000000 Rials (or 150 USD) for university professors. The fee for others is 4000000 Rials (or 200 USD).

·The registration fee for international participants will be due in cash at the time of registration on the opening day of the conference.

·Please note that cards cannot be used in Iran.

·The registration fee covers participating the conference sessions, conference materials, and coffee/tea breaks, during the conference.

·The fee for three days launch is 600000 Rials (or 30 USD) and for two days dinner is 300000 Rials (or 15 USD).

·   The conference organizers will arrange hotel for participants. The price of Amir Kabir Hotel in a double room is 550000 Rials per person and per night. The price for Negarestan Hotel in a double room is 1100000 Rials per person and per night. The breakfast is included in each hotel. There will be a bus in conference time for participants.
Please pay your registrations foods and accomodation fees to

بانک تجارت شعبه دانشگاه کاشان - حساب سایر منابع معاونت پژوهشی
به شماره حساب :

 ضمناً به اطلاع می رساند که هزینه شرکت در کنفرانس (بدون ارائه و دریافت بسته کنفرانس) یک میلیون ریال می باشد